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We are a community of reliable people with an entrepreneurial spirit accumulating expertise for the benefit of its clients and in the general interest of the world of treasury.
Our interventions span every aspect of the treasurer’s duties, with a specific emphasis on information systems: front to back office, cash management, payments and bank connectivity.


In Latin UTSIT can be translated into “Let it be”.
It can also mean “Let us make it work”.
It is illustrating our strong commitment to lead and contribute to concrete projects around innovative and collaborative treasury information systems.

Our logo

UTSIT’s grey and green colours represent at the same time our way of doing things and the ultimate purpose. Our core competence is advising (grey matter) in view of realising sustainable results (green).
The square represents the force, a symbol of the rigor of our method and the trust we put in our contributions. The white dot inside? It is because the rigor always goes together with our willingness to understand the issues faced by our clients and to challenge our beliefs.

UTSIT is hiring. We are on the outlook for passionate consultants.


UTSIT in figures

Active clients
Highly skilled consultants
years of success track record
3.5 M €
annual turnover
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